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At GARBO we believe that each time have one distinct history therefore one single identity. 

Regarding this premise we develop custom apparel so that single identity can de maintained independently the sport.

At GARBO we produce casual sportswear and technical cloths using the finest materials and the most suitable for each sports always with innovative models. 

Our time exists for the purpose of help you developing the image keeping the identity of your time, customizing each piece through Sublimation, Transfers,  Serigraphy or Embroideries.

Some Articles
Some Sports

Sublimated Cycling Equipment

Several available models

Fully customizable

Sport Wear


Several available models

Embroidery, transfers and serigraphy available on all articles.

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Garbo - Comércio E Confecção De Vestuário, Lda.

Zona Industrial De Pocinhos,

Pav. B-7 Oliveira de Oliveira de São Mateus,

4765-052 Vila Nova de Famalicão

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